The Sentinel Radio

The Sentinel Radio is the latest addition to The Sentinel stable of companies and we hope you will enjoy its mix of music, popular, jazz, blues and orchestral, and poetry. Rather glibly we say that there is an i in Sentinel and it’s you but we really mean it. If you would like to have a dedication played then do email the following information to

Name to whom the dedication is intended

Relationship ie work colleague, son etc

If work colleague, name of company

Why the dedication?

Date to be played

Time to be played (if no specific time it will be played at random throughout the day)

Words to accompany the dedication (you can send a recorded message if you wish)

Music to be played and by whom

Although we cannot guarantee we will be able to play your dedication we will do our best.

Thank you

You can hear The Sentinel Radio here.

Similarly you can request or submit a piece of favourite poetry either for yourself or as a dedication.

I am a firm believer in intellectual property rights so I have purchased a PPL Linear Webcast Licence to ensure artists are correctly rewarded.

If you access the station via its app then the following privacy policy is applicable